every Sunday - 19.00 o'clock (in your timezone)

Imagine  -  peace is  the  natural  state  of  the  universe
Imagine  -  peace  is just  a  breath  away
Imagine  peace  starts now

... ... ...

Short  instructions  for  meditation:
Get in  a  place  -  where  you  can  meditate  in  a  relaxed  state  for  the  next  15-20  minutes.
Please ask now  your  inner  guidance  to  prepare you  for  the  meditation journey.
Start to  breathe  deeply and let  go of all  tension
Breathe  deeply  in  your  heart  Center  and  feel  the  love that you have for  all  life.
Now  connect  your  heart  with  the  center  of the  Earth  and  the  Sun
Imagine  now  how  you  start  to  shine  like  a  Sun -
now sending out love, forgiveness, harmony and peace -
gently touching everyone and everything... :))

Stay in this mental attitude as long as  it  is  comfortable  for  you.


Peace-Meditation                          hosted by Shogun Amona